Electronic Trading Creates a New Financial Landscape - NYTimes.com (Jan 2, 2011 15:25)
Machines have largely taken over stock market trading, creating a new technological order affecting nearly everyone who owns shares of stock or mutual funds.

Bizarro Market « Derek Hernquist (Dec 10, 2010 14:36)
My list of 21 day highs includes banks of all shapes and sizes, while 21 day lows includes BRIC faves like $BBD, $MBT, $IBN, even $FXI? This has become the bizarro tape of Seinfeld lore.

The Friday Podcast: Is Europe's Bailout A Giant Shell Game? : Planet Money : NPR (Dec 8, 2010 00:34)
A good listen

Yahoo Finance Content Partnership with Stocktwits – Market Pulse Pages (Dec 8, 2010 00:17)
Today, Yahoo! Finance launches a new and wonderful feature called Market Pulse that captures real time stock market conversations focused on specific tickers.

Bespoke Investment Group - Think BIG - Up-To-Date Housing Price Numbers (Dec 2, 2010 03:20)
The S&P/Case-Shiller home price numbers for September were released this morning, and below we provide a number of tables and charts highlighting recent trends.

The Tuesday Podcast: Why Gold? : Planet Money : NPR (Nov 30, 2010 17:01)
Out of all the elements on earth, why does gold hold such a privileged place in human history? Is it just a fluke, or is there something more fundamental going on?

The Minimalist Trader: Trading with the Rent Money (Nov 29, 2010 16:14)
Whatever your situation, just be mindful that the more you need the money now, the more uphill your climb will become. You are putting the financial and emotional odds against you.

Economic Indicators: Get To A Maximum Defensive Position As Risk Rises | Minyanville.com (Nov 29, 2010 15:03)
The same warning signs and sell signals that went off four days before the flash crash are also flashing yellow and red now.

Algorithms accelerate the day trading game - The Globe and Mail (Nov 26, 2010 01:30)
In today’s world of high frequency trading, day traders without automated programs of some sort simply cannot keep up.

Nassim Taleb Is So Distressed By QE2 That He Ends His Media Blackout (Nov 15, 2010 14:41)

Report says Waddell trade kickstarted flash crash - Yahoo! News (Oct 1, 2010 18:15)
Regulators have concluded that a single trade by a "large fundamental trader" helped trigger the brief market crash May 6

Minimalism in Trading: An Interview with Everett Bogue (Sep 16, 2010 15:10)
It is my strong belief that tenants of minimalism can keep Traders focused on their goals by minimizing distractions caused by our #1 enemy, high overhead.

These Traders Play Only the Open and Close - WSJ.com (Sep 10, 2010 13:16)
At Briargate, Stock Market's Open and Close Is All That Matters. Then, Golf.

A Touch of Class for the Pink Sheets - BusinessWeek (Sep 9, 2010 13:00)
Large, reputable foreign companies are taking up residence on a dodgy stretch of Wall Street

7 Things To Do To Improve « The Kirk Report (Sep 9, 2010 12:32)

Asset Allocation: It is not like Poker! (Sep 9, 2010 12:28)
You do not need to go "all in." You need to find a handful of good stocks to buy at a good price.

Bullish Cup & Handle Patterns In Gold, Silver: Watch High Quality Explorers, Fronteer Gold | Markets | Minyanville.com (Aug 31, 2010 18:45)

VIX and More: Three Books for Approaching Behavioral Finance (Aug 17, 2010 13:03)

What Comes After One Good Trade? Mike Bellafiore Can Tell You | MartinKronicle (Aug 17, 2010 13:00)
I spoke with Mike about his new book One Good Trade: Inside the Highly Competitive World of Proprietary Trading, and his training program.

The truth about China as No. 2 - China - Salon.com (Aug 17, 2010 00:13)
If the country's gap between production and consumption continues to grow, the whole world will be in trouble

Weekly Options Gain Momentum | VIX and More (Aug 10, 2010 19:01)
Some resources for learning about the new weekly options

Why It’s Easier To Recommend Trade Ideas Than Actually Trading Them | Blog - Daily Options Report (Aug 10, 2010 13:58)
yep, gotta watch those wide spreads and/or thinly traded instruments

Some Firms Struggle to Fill Jobs Despite High Unemployment - WSJ.com (Aug 10, 2010 13:47)

Get A Trading Referee And Improve Your Performance (Aug 4, 2010 15:56)

The New Abnormal - BusinessWeek (Aug 4, 2010 13:50)
Americans are broke and depressed—and also swilling $3 lattes and waiting in line for iPhones. Welcome to the schizophrenic economy

CHART OF THE DAY: Is College Education The Next Bubble Set To Burst? (Jul 20, 2010 01:25)

Oil Spill Expected To Trigger Thousands Of Foreclosures Of Gulf Real Estate (Jun 3, 2010 15:25)
The Gulf oil spill could erode coastal property values in Katrina-devastated Louisiana and Mississippi by 30 percent, according to projections from Housing Predictor. The BP disaster only compound...

Volcano flight chaos leaves many passengers broke - Yahoo! News (Apr 19, 2010 14:05)
A Black Swan? :-)

Spending Less Becoming New Norm for Many Americans (Mar 1, 2010 13:52)
The recession and financial crisis have resulted in a significant change in the way many Americans feel about spending and saving. Six in 10 Americans (62%) now say they more enjoy saving than spen...

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