» Configuring Python and GeoDjango for Amazon Web Services Deployment
15/06/16 02:08 from Latest Fun
Quick run down of configuring Geodjango to run on amazon web service’s Elastic Beanstalk (EBS). This assumes you have a separate database instance up and running and that you’ve setup the project to use Elastic Beanstalk (i.e...

» OGR/GDAL Examples
22/10/15 23:39 from Latest Fun
Generate a shapefile from a postgresql table ogr2ogr -f “ESRI Shapefile” [Shapefile Name].shp PG:”dbname='[DB Name]’ host='[Host Name]’ port='[Port Number]’ user='[User Name]'” [Table Name] Forma...

» Postgresql/Postgis Cheatsheet
21/10/15 01:03 from Latest Fun
Export table data (data only): pg_dump –column-inserts -a -h [host name] -U [user] -d [database] -t [table] > [output directory] Execute script: psql -h [host] -U [user] -d [database] -f [input file]

» Planted Firebreaks and Fallow Field Followup
11/02/15 03:32 from Latest Fun
Lessons learned from planting firebreaks are fairly small but important to prevent wasted effort and money. Firstly the seeding failed on both Wet and dry sites, but for different reasons. On the dry sites it was too exposed to the sun c...

» Prescribed Burning for Early Oak Successional Habitat
11/02/15 03:32 from Latest Fun
After a few years of burning wildlife openings we were ready for our first woods burn. We were aiming for a low intensity fire that would clean up the under growth and increase herbaceous vegetation in a ten acre southwest facing stand. ...

» splunk with bluecoat app
14/12/11 08:38 from Myron's Big BLOG of me
Sorry for the unorganized nature of this blog; just me throwing out some information.In order to get the splunk with bluecoat application working (at http://splunk-base.splunk.com/apps/22335/splunk-for-bluecoat).This product in conjuncti...

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