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May 24, 07:05 PM   /   How Appealing   /   "Federal court questions whether Texas voter-ID law can offer accommodations"

"Federal court questions whether Texas voter-ID law can offer accommodations": Robert Barnes of The Washington Post has this report . You can access the audio of today's en banc oral argument of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit via this link (63.2 MB mp3 audio file).

May 24, 05:29 PM   /   Althouse   /   It seems to me Donald Trump handled Ali G perfectly.

I don't know how Sacha Baron Cohen thinks he has something on Trump to tell. This is just unbecoming: "Sacha Baron Cohen Claims Trump Lied About His Famous Ali G Interview/The details simply don't add up." It made me watch the old clip, which I've embedded. It's funny. Both men are funny and smar...

May 24, 05:20 PM   /   Althouse   /   "Bob Dylan Is the Greatest American Singer of All Time."

"As the legend turns 75, it's time to reexamine his vocal talents alongside his songwriting...."

May 24, 05:16 PM   /   Althouse   /   At the Iris Café...

... you can talk about whatever you want.

May 24, 05:14 PM   /   Workplace Prof Blog   /   Petruska on Joy Silk Doctrine

I just learned that Brian Petruska (General Counsel of the Laborers' Mid-Atlantic Regional Organizing Coalition), just posted on SSRN his forthcoming piece in the Santa Clara Law Review on the proposed use of the Joy Silk doctrine. The abstract is...

May 24, 04:54 PM   /   PrawfsBlawg   /   Trusts, religious paraphenalia, and freedom of the church

I am a week late to this decision from Judge McConnell of the District of Connecticut, resolving a dispute between two congregations over ownership of a pair of historic rimonim (the deocorative bells that adorn a dressed Torah). The opinion spends 40+ pages lovingly tracing the long story of Tou...

May 24, 04:36 PM   /   Althouse   /   "The decision, after a 3½-hour hearing at the Montgomery County Courthouse here, means that a man who was once one of America’s most beloved entertainers..."

"... but has been pursued by allegations of sexual misconduct by dozens of women must face at least one of his accusers at trial, probably later this year. Mr. Cosby, 78, has denied the allegations." “This case will move forward,” Judge [Elizabth A.] McHugh told the crowded courtroom. Mr. Cosby, ...

May 24, 04:25 PM   /   Discourse.net   /   VideoFakes-R-Us

Researchers develop face-capture technology that can alter pre-recorded videos in real-time on low cost computers. Boing Boing suggests it could be used to make George W Bush or Donald Trump appear intelligent. I can imagine even worse: Fake ransom videos … Continue reading →

May 24, 03:53 PM   /   Consumer Law & Policy   /   210 Law Profs File First Comment on CFPB Arbitration Proposal


May 24, 02:48 PM   /   Crooked Timber   /   Polanyi and Clopenings

This piece by Mike Konczal and Patrick Iber on Polanyi’s double movement, Trumpism, and the difference between left neo-liberalism and the social democratic left is fantastic. Go read it – I’m not going to try to excerpt from it, and certainly don’t think I can improve on ...

May 24, 02:31 PM   /   Legal Profession Blog   /   What's A Judge Got To Do With It?

A village court justice who is also an attorney has been admonished by the New York Commission on Judicial Conduct for misconduct in office that permitted the prosecutor in traffic cases to negotiate pleas and impose sentences. Only judges have...

May 24, 01:58 PM   /   Brian Leiter's Law School Reports   /   20 Most-Cited Administrative and/or Environmental Law Faculty, 2010-2014 (inclusive)

Once again, drawing on the data from the 2015 Sisk study, though this category is admittedbly slightly more artificial than some of the others. Some...

May 24, 01:33 PM   /   Legal Profession Blog   /   Patently Unethical

The Illinois Administrator has filed a complaint alleging misconduct in several patent and trademark matters. Between 2005 and 2014, in connection with at least 31 ASICO patent and trademark applications, Respondent did not respond to Office Actions issued by the...

May 24, 01:19 PM   /   Althouse   /   "In the name of all that is holy, please explain why you decided that this empty piece of Trump worship is worthy of publication."

"This is revolting celebrity sycophancy at its worst."/"I am so sick of the NYT Newsy-Entertainment Department treating this loathsome creep like someone worthy of attention."/"This is not an article about anything worthy of print."/"NYT, why oh why are you consistently running front page above-t...

May 24, 01:05 PM   /   Althouse   /   David Brooks finds it hard to understand why Hillary Clinton is so disliked when she has "dedicated herself to public service."

She's "pursued her vocation tirelessly." He calls this a "paradox." But the "public service" is being a politician . Where did Brooks get the premise that people like politicians?

May 24, 12:59 PM   /   Dorf on Law   /   Trump in May is Different from Trump in April, But He is Always Scary and Dangerous

by Neil H. Buchanan What do people in other countries think about the possibility that Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States?  What, for that matter, must they think about a country with a major party that would nominate that particularly absurd demagogue? I recently r...

May 24, 12:17 PM   /   Consumer Law & Policy   /   ALTA Survey Finds Increase in Consumer Review of Mortgage Disclosures Under New TRID (TILA/RESPA) Disclosures

by Jeff Sovern A press release is here. ALTA is the American Land Title Association. I haven't read the study (I couldn't find the actual report of the study on the web site), but it reports an increase in consumers...

May 24, 12:00 PM   /   Legal History Blog   /   Author's Query: Melvyn Weiss

May 24, 11:02 AM   /   Law & Humanities Blog   /   Cantrell on Love, Anger, and Lawyering

May 24, 11:00 AM   /   Legal History Blog   /   Giuliani on Civilian Treatises on Presumptions

May 24, 10:59 AM   /   Legal Profession Blog   /   Reciprocal Interim Suspension Ordered

The District of Columbia Court of Appeals has ordered the interim suspension of an attorney while it considers reciprocal discipline for sanctions imposed in California. The August 2015 California Bar Journal reported SIERRA DAVID STERKIN [#234356], 37, of Placerville, was...

May 24, 10:58 AM   /   How Appealing   /   "Opening Doors: North Carolina's bathroom bill is reminiscent of the days of de-facto discrimination."

"Opening Doors: North Carolina's bathroom bill is reminiscent of the days of de-facto discrimination." Jelani Cobb has this Comment in the Talk of the Town section of the May 30, 2016 issue of The New Yorker.

May 24, 10:56 AM   /   How Appealing   /   "The Big Uneasy: What's roiling the liberal-arts campus?"

"The Big Uneasy: What's roiling the liberal-arts campus?" Nathan Heller has this article in the May 30, 2016 issue of The New Yorker.

May 24, 10:53 AM   /   How Appealing   /   "Justices Let Court-Imposed Redistricting Stand in Virginia"

"Justices Let Court-Imposed Redistricting Stand in Virginia": Adam Liptak has this article in today's edition of The New York Times. Robert Barnes and Jenna Portnoy of The Washington Post report that " Supreme Court leaves in place Va. redistricting decision, rejects GOP lawmakers' challenge ." R...

May 24, 10:48 AM   /   Consumer Law & Policy   /   Two for-profit colleges drop forced arbitration clauses

The Washington Post reports today that DeVry University and the University of Phoenix will stop using pre-dispute mandatory arbitration clauses that bar students from filing class-action lawsuits or otherwise taking their grievances to the courts. The story is here. In...

May 24, 10:44 AM   /   How Appealing   /   "Tom Brady fights on, asking Second Circuit for rehearing"

"Tom Brady fights on, asking Second Circuit for rehearing": Ben Volin of The Boston Globe has this report . In related coverage, Andrew Mahoney of The Boston Globe reports that " Tom Brady's attorney had some things to say about Roger Goodell ." And Bob McGovern of The Boston Herald has an essay ...

May 24, 10:32 AM   /   How Appealing   /   "The Passive-Aggressive U.S. Supreme Court: Even in the face of clear precedent, some justices just don't like it when a convicted petitioner is right on the law."

"The Passive-Aggressive U.S. Supreme Court: Even in the face of clear precedent, some justices just don't like it when a convicted petitioner is right on the law." Law professor Garrett Epps has this essay online at The Atlantic.

May 24, 10:30 AM   /   How Appealing   /   "Supreme Court upends murder case, race a factor in 1987 conviction"

"Supreme Court upends murder case, race a factor in 1987 conviction": John Bailey has this front page article in today's edition of The Rome (Ga.) News-Tribune.

May 24, 10:26 AM   /   How Appealing   /   "How Clarence Thomas Broke My Heart"

"How Clarence Thomas Broke My Heart": Law professor Noah Feldman has this essay online today at Bloomberg View.

May 24, 10:22 AM   /   How Appealing   /   "Strict Texas voter-ID law faces federal court test ahead of presidential election"

"Strict Texas voter-ID law faces federal court test ahead of presidential election": Robert Barnes of The Washington Post has an article that begins, "A high-stakes election-year legal battle over voting rights gets an important test Tuesday as 15 judges will consider whether Texas's strictest-in...

May 24, 10:12 AM   /   Althouse   /   "No one wakes up with a passion to pursue togetherness. Half of the country is comprised of introverts, loners, and competitive a-holes."

"Those folks want less togetherness, even if they mean it in an entirely different way. On an irrational level, togetherness – in all its forms – is simply not a universal desire. Compare that to making America greater, which is all good, all the time, to all Americans." Says Scott Adams , critic...

May 24, 09:43 AM   /   Althouse   /   A NYT headline: "Kenneth Starr, Who Tried to Bury Bill Clinton, Now Only Praises Him."

Bury... Only ...? Okay, I will read this for you.... The presumptive Republican nominee, Donald J. Trump, increasingly seems to be trying to relitigate the scandals that Mr. Starr investigated, dredging up allegations of sexual transgressions by Mr. Clinton to accuse Hillary Clinton — the likely ...

May 24, 08:51 AM   /   Consumer Law & Policy   /   Holes in the federal overtime rules and the decline of unions

We discussed here the Department of Labor's new rule that will significantly expand the number of U.S. workers eligible for overtime pay. But, still, a much smaller percentage of U.S. workers are eligible for overtime today than were eligible in...

May 24, 08:49 AM   /   Neuroethics & Law Blog   /   PEBS Neuroethics Roundup (JHU)

Last Edition's Most Popular Article(s): Medical Risks: Regulate Devices for Brain Stimulation, Nature Magazine In The Popular Press: How Your Gut Affects Your Mood, FiveThirtyEight The Empty Brain, Aeon Consciousness Isn’t a Mystery. It’s Matter., New York Times Scientists Say...

May 24, 08:35 AM   /   Legal Profession Blog   /   City Attorney Reprimanded For Suing City

An Arkansas attorney has been reprimanded and fined for misconduct committed as an elected city attorney. The conduct of Benjamin Lipscomb violated Rule 1.7(a) in that as elected and longtime Rogers City Attorney, the City was Lipscomb’s sole client. In...

May 24, 08:22 AM   /   Althouse   /   Fan reaction to the news that Hillary Clinton will appear on the same Ellen DeGeneres episode as the actresses from the new "Ghostbusters."

@TheEllenShow @HillaryClinton @Ghostbusters pic.twitter.com/mqKpaqTwcf — Jayson Evans (@JaysonEvans1971) May 17, 2016 I found that via the NYT, which reports that Sony Pictures is unhappy that Hillary is horning in on their long-scheduled publicity for a movie that it really needs men not to hate...

May 24, 07:30 AM   /   Legal History Blog   /   Opportunities for Law's Intellectual History

May 24, 04:45 AM   /   Crooked Timber   /   On Beyond Zarathustra

Ever since Plato wrote Socrates Will You Please Go Now! and If I Ran The Polis! great philosophers have mostly started out as authors of (what we would now call) Dr. Seuss-style children’s books. A lot of this old stuff has been lost. Scholars have neglected it. But I’m undertaking a ...

May 24, 12:44 AM   /   How Appealing   /   "Penalty Against Bank of America Overturned in Mortgage Case"

"Penalty Against Bank of America Overturned in Mortgage Case": Michael Corkery will have this article in Tuesday's edition of The New York Times. Nate Raymond and Jonathan Stempel of Reuters report that " Bank of America $1.27 billion U.S. mortgage penalty is voided ." The Associated Press report...

May 24, 12:35 AM   /   How Appealing   /   "Court reinstates Libor antitrust lawsuits against banks"

"Court reinstates Libor antitrust lawsuits against banks": Kevin McCoy of USA Today has this report . Jonathan Stempel of Reuters reports that " Big banks lose as U.S. appeals court revives Libor lawsuits ." The Associated Press reports that " Court reinstates lawsuits alleging collusion by big b...

May 24, 12:16 AM   /   How Appealing   /   "Breyer says Supreme Court not diminished with only 8 members"

"Breyer says Supreme Court not diminished with only 8 members": Sam Hananel of The Associated Press has this report .

May 24, 12:06 AM   /   How Appealing   /   "Advocates eye challenge to judge's order on Obama immigration relief recipients"

"Advocates eye challenge to judge's order on Obama immigration relief recipients": Josh Gerstein of Politico.com has this report .

May 23, 11:39 PM   /   Legal History Blog   /   Call for Applications: ASLH Kathryn T. Preyer Scholars

May 23, 11:20 PM   /   Patent Docs   /   Intelligent Bio-Systems, Inc. v. Illumina Cambridge Ltd. (Fed. Cir. 2016)

By Andrew Williams -- Have you ever mixed up the obviousness determinations of "motivation to combine" and "reasonable expectation of success"? If so, you are apparently not alone -- the Federal Circuit recently faulted the Patent Trial and Appeal Board of doing just that. In Intelligent Bio-Syst...

May 23, 10:25 PM   /   Althouse   /   "The black and white spot runs for about 20 seconds and features women's voices, including Juanita Broaddrick, who accused Bill Clinton of rape."

"Bill Clinton is shown with a cigar in his mouth. The ad ends with Hillary laughing and the words: 'Here we go again?'" It's a new era of communication, and it's changing all the time. Can Hillary keep up? Or will some combination of ignoring and sneering be enough?

May 23, 06:06 PM   /   How Appealing   /   In the June 2016 issue of ABA Journal magazine

In the June 2016 issue of ABA Journal magazine: Mark Walsh has an article headlined " Court says criminal defendants should be allowed to pay lawyers with 'untainted' funds ." G.M. Filisko has an article headlined " After Obergefell: How the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage has affected ...

May 23, 05:44 PM   /   How Appealing   /   "Supreme Court Finds Racial Bias in Jury Selection for Death Penalty Case"

"Supreme Court Finds Racial Bias in Jury Selection for Death Penalty Case": Adam Liptak of The New York Times has this report . Robert Barnes of The Washington Post reports that " Justices throw out death sentence given to black man by all-white jury ." David G. Savage of The Los Angeles Times re...

May 23, 05:29 PM   /   Law & Humanities Blog   /   Kathryn T. Preyer Scholars: Call For Submissions

May 23, 05:25 PM   /   Legal Profession Blog   /   Wife Accused Of Baby Murder May Nor Represent Spouse In Attorney Incapacity Proceeding

A non-attorney spouse may not represent her husband in proceedings involving alleged incapacity as an attorney, according to a recent decision of the Law Society for Upper Canada Tribunal Hearing Division. This is a capacity application under s. 38 (1)...

May 23, 05:23 PM   /   Consumer Law & Policy   /   Chris Peterson Article on CFPB Enforcement

Christopher Lewis Peterson of Utah has written Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Law Enforcement: An Empirical Review, forthcoming in the Tulane Law Review. Here's the abstract: In the aftermath of the U.S. financial crisis, Congress created a new federal agency —...

May 23, 05:19 PM   /   Consumer Law & Policy   /   Politico: Uncovering the 'astroturf' firm behind the CFPB attack ads

Here. Excerpt: The campaign is being run by Lincoln Strategy Group, a political consulting firm Tempe, Ariz. Its founder, Nathan Sproul, has been linked to several instances of suspected voter fraud and barred from Republican Party contracts. The company also...

May 23, 05:10 PM   /   Consumer Law & Policy   /   Consumer Law Is Everywhere, Even on the Bar Exam

Well, on the July 2015 MPT anyway. Go here, then scroll down to the Bryan Carr problem beginning on page nine for a problem drawing on the Truth in Lending Act. (HT: Genevieve Hebert Fajardo)

May 23, 05:10 PM   /   How Appealing   /   "Doctors Have the Right to Perform Abortions"

"Doctors Have the Right to Perform Abortions": Law professor Noah Feldman has this essay online at Bloomberg View.

May 23, 05:03 PM   /   Consumer Law & Policy   /   Mesa, Arizona tells insurgent candidate not to put the city’s seal on his lawn signs

by Paul Alan Levy The city of Mesa, Arizona, has threatened suit against a local businessman, Jeremy Whittaker, who is running for city council in opposition to a longtime city employee who enjoys endorsements from several current elected city officials....

May 23, 04:19 PM   /   Crooked Timber   /   2016 presidential elections in Austria

The Austrians just elected Alexander Van der Bellen, a Green politician, as their new President – with 50,3% of the votes. The other half of those holding the right to vote preferred Norbert Hofer, the candidate of the populist right-wing (or, as some have it, neo-fascist) party FPÖ. I...

May 23, 02:28 PM   /   PrawfsBlawg   /   Should the IOC Require Host-Nation Anti-Corruption Reforms?

There’s a joke in Olympic law circles: the host-nation organizing committee has 100 lawyers, and 99 of them do IP. The International Olympic Committee cares a lot about protecting its own and its sponsors’ intellectual property; no surprise there. But you may be surprised to hear that the IOC has...

May 23, 12:49 PM   /   PrawfsBlawg   /   Nero's Acquittal

Last week I posted about the odd theory of second degree assault being played out in the Baltimore trial of Edward Nero, one of the six officers charged in the rough ride killing of Freddie Gray. Today, not surprisingly, given the lack of evidence presented by the prosecution, Nero was acquitted ...

May 23, 12:38 PM   /   Law & Humanities Blog   /   In Tandem: The Law and Cycling

May 23, 12:37 PM   /   Althouse   /   "We were just excited to be at a game and let the audience see us and hear us and let us know that we’re sports fans too, and we’re normal guys."

"And then a woman sings over us, and it was mortifying."/"I just felt this dread come over me because I was so embarrassed... Some of us started to sing along. After that, we just stood there. We thought they would ask us to sing, but they just asked us to leave the field."/"I can understand how ...

May 23, 12:35 PM   /   Brian Leiter's Law School Reports   /   Lateral hires with tenure or on tenure-track, 2015-16

These are non-clinical appointments that will take effect in 2016; I will move the list to the front at various intervals as new additions come...

May 23, 12:27 PM   /   Althouse   /   "Compared with dating, calling sounds unbearably repressive.... But calling gave women certain advantages."

"As the historian Beth L. Bailey argued in a 1988 book on courtship in twentieth-century America, calling, which took place in the female 'sphere' of the home, afforded women a degree of control that dating in the public, male sphere didn’t. Plus, it was up to women to pursue men. Bailey quotes a...

May 23, 12:17 PM   /   Althouse   /   "Police Officer Is Acquitted of All Charges in Freddie Gray Case."

The NYT reports. The verdict, the first in any of the six officers implicated, comes a little more than a year after Mr. Gray died in April 2015 of a functionally severed spinal cord that he sustained while in police custody. The first trial, against Officer William G. Porter, ended with a mistri...

May 23, 11:53 AM   /   PrawfsBlawg   /   Veep, S5E5

The show takes place during Thanksgiving weekend, in an episode that has a lot of House-election stuff in the air. Selina begins making phone calls to whip votes for the coming House election. But the show approaches that election in a way that is, at least on the surface, sloppy--the correct und...

May 23, 11:27 AM   /   TRUTH ON THE MARKET   /   The Mounting Costs of Antidumping Laws: Time for Action?

In a 2015 Heritage Foundation Backgrounder, I argued for a reform of the United States antidumping (AD) law, which allows for the imposition of additional tariffs on “unfairly” low-priced imports.  Although the original justification for American AD law was to prevent anticompetitive predation by...

May 23, 11:23 AM   /   Conglomerate   /   Call for Papers: International Economic Law Conference at Georgetown Sep 30-Oct 1.

I'm co-chairing ASIL's biennial conference on international economic law this year, and I hope that many friends of the Glom...

May 23, 11:04 AM   /   Balkinization   /   The Example of Stephen A. Douglas

May 23, 11:02 AM   /   How Appealing   /   Access online today's rulings in argued cases of the U.S. Supreme Court

Access online today's rulings in argued cases of the U.S. Supreme Court : Justice Sonia Sotomayor delivered the opinion of the Court in Green v. Brennan , No. 14-613. Justice Samuel A. Alito, Jr. issued an opinion concurring in the judgment. And Justice Clarence Thomas issued a dissenting opinion...

May 23, 10:54 AM   /   Discourse.net   /   Drone Debate

In a Wall Street Journal debate today I argue that drones should not be allowed to overfly private property without the inhabitant’s consent due to the privacy risks, the consequent erosion of the 4th Amendment, and other dangers. This echoes … Continue reading →

May 23, 10:53 AM   /   Legal Profession Blog   /   Diversion Violation Draws Indefinite Suspension

An attorney who violated conditions of diversion imposed in light of trust accounting lapses has been indefinitely suspended by the Maryland Court of Appeals. This attorney discipline action involves a lawyer who, while representing her clients in separate legal matters,...

May 23, 10:48 AM   /   How Appealing   /   "The Legacy of Justice Scalia: Remembering a Conservative Legal Titan's Impact on the Law."

"The Legacy of Justice Scalia: Remembering a Conservative Legal Titan's Impact on the Law." The Heritage Foundation has posted on YouTube at this link the video of this event the organization hosted last Thursday.

May 23, 10:33 AM   /   How Appealing   /   Access online today's Order List of the U.S. Supreme Court

Access online today's Order List of the U.S. Supreme Court : At this link . The Court did not grant review in any new cases. In Adams v. Alabama , No. 15-6289, the Court issued a GVR . In connection therewith, Justice Clarence Thomas issued a concurrence , in which Justice Samuel A. Alito, Jr. jo...

May 23, 10:28 AM   /   How Appealing   /   "Tom Brady's legal team says it will appeal Deflategate ruling"

"Tom Brady's legal team says it will appeal Deflategate ruling": Ben Volin of The Boston Globe has this report .

May 23, 10:24 AM   /   How Appealing   /   "Can Citizens Sue the Government Over Climate Change?"

"Can Citizens Sue the Government Over Climate Change?" The New York Times has posted this "Room for Debate" discussion online today.

May 23, 10:20 AM   /   How Appealing   /   "For Trump, High Court List a Sop to Conservatives"

"For Trump, High Court List a Sop to Conservatives": Kenneth Jost has this post at his blog, "Jost on Justice."

May 23, 10:18 AM   /   How Appealing   /   "If Citizens United Falls, Will Progressives Notice? The remaining presidential candidates have each said they'd fix big money in political races; But if the Supreme Court overturned its latest campaign-finance rulings, would anything really change?"

"If Citizens United Falls, Will Progressives Notice? The remaining presidential candidates have each said they'd fix big money in political races; But if the Supreme Court overturned its latest campaign-finance rulings, would anything really change?" Bradley A. Smith has this essay online today a...

May 23, 10:16 AM   /   How Appealing   /   "Supreme Court rules for CRST in legal fee case; Company seeking $4.7 million after lawsuit thrown out"

"Supreme Court rules for CRST in legal fee case; Company seeking $4.7 million after lawsuit thrown out": George C. Ford of The Gazette of Cedar Rapids, Iowa has this report .

May 23, 10:10 AM   /   How Appealing   /   "Knife owners worry about getting stuck with weapon charge after Nebraska Supreme Court opinion"

"Knife owners worry about getting stuck with weapon charge after Nebraska Supreme Court opinion": Joe Duggan has this front page article in today's edition of The Omaha World-Herald. Duggan's earlier coverage of the decision can be accessed here .

May 23, 10:02 AM   /   How Appealing   /   "Supreme Court Scorecard: Not the Class Action Rout Defendants Had Hoped For"

"Supreme Court Scorecard: Not the Class Action Rout Defendants Had Hoped For." Perry Cooper of Bloomberg BNA has this report .

May 23, 10:00 AM   /   How Appealing   /   "Who Knew Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Son Is Revolutionizing World Music?"

"Who Knew Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Son Is Revolutionizing World Music?" Ronald Litke of The Forward has this report .

May 23, 09:40 AM   /   Legal Profession Blog   /   Greenmen

The New Jersey Supreme Court has censured a father and son for failure to cooperate with a random audit of law firm trust accounts. The Disciplinary Review Board report tells the story respondents attempt to minimize what is a blatant...

May 23, 09:30 AM   /   Legal History Blog   /   Cromwell Research Fellowships in American Legal History

May 23, 09:08 AM   /   Althouse   /   The long and the short view of the Trump vs. Hillary trend in the polls.

I'm seeing things like "For the first time, Trump now leads the average of national polls," complete with this view of the trend line at Real Clear Politics : That's displaying the last 3 months. But if you back up and take the longest view, going back to last July, you can see that this is the 4...

May 23, 09:01 AM   /   Legal Profession Blog   /   Probate Misconduct Draws Indefinite Suspension

An indefinite suspension of an attorney wa imposed by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court for an attorney's intentional misuse of the proceeds of a disabled veteran's estate. And the fees were, to put it mildly, excessive The probate of the...

May 23, 08:23 AM   /   Legal Profession Blog   /   Voluntary Discipline Petition Rejected For Usury Crimes

The Georgia Supreme Court rejected a petition for voluntary discipline of a one-year suspension for an attorney convicted of violat ing New York usury laws. In her petition, Temple, who became a member of the Georgia Bar in 1990, admits...

May 23, 08:18 AM   /   Legal Profession Blog   /   Reinstated But Must Pass Bar Exam

The Georgia Supreme Court has approved the fitness for reinstatement of a disbarred attorney After his disbarment, Washington has worked as a legal recruiter, a mortgage broker and originator, and, since 2007, as manager of acquisitions at Crown Castle International......

May 23, 08:06 AM   /   Althouse   /   "Oklahoma lawmakers have introduced a bill that would allow students to request on religious grounds that their public schools provide a bathroom or other facility that bars transgender people."

"The bill appears to be one of the first state-level legislative actions to challenge the Obama administration’s directives, issued last week, that said students must be allowed to use the facilities that match the gender they identify as, even if that is different from their anatomical sex."

May 23, 07:56 AM   /   Althouse   /   Would you prefer that the plane that dropped out of the sky not be terrorism?

Headline at The Daily Beast: "Egypt Prays: Please Don’t Be Terror Again." Bad as terrorism is, I would prefer to know that planes, on their own, don't just drop out of the sky.

May 23, 07:50 AM   /   Sports Law Blog   /   The Notorious RBG & Tom Brady

May 23, 07:41 AM   /   Althouse   /   Plans not to die fail, and so do plans to die.

"When his $5 million Ponzi scheme collapsed, a N.Y. lawyer tried to kill himself. He survived — but so did his confession."

May 23, 07:39 AM   /   Althouse   /   Yes, one of the things people can do is die.

"Woman trying to prove ‘vegans can do anything’ among three dead on Everest. Two more missing and thirty sick or frostbitten." There's nothing to cry or smirk about.

May 23, 07:19 AM   /   Althouse   /   "An American drone strike in a restive province of Pakistan killed Mullah Akhtar Muhammad Mansour, the leader of the Afghan Taliban..."

... according to a statement by President Obama. In a press conference (in Hanoi, Vietnam, of all places), he said said that the U.S. is "not re-entering the day-to-day combat operations," but that Mullah Mansour was "an individual who as head of the Taliban was specifically targeting U.S. person...

May 23, 07:00 AM   /   Dorf on Law   /   Trump's SCOTUS List and the Garland Nomination

by Michael Dorf What, if anything, is wrong with a presidential candidate releasing a list of the names of his or her prospective SCOTUS nominees, as Donald Trump recently did? The most obvious objection to the list is that it politicizes Supreme Court nominations. There is a naive version and a ...

May 23, 02:40 AM   /   Crooked Timber   /   Trump and tribalism

Watching the rapid consolidation of the Republican Party around the candidacy of Donald Trump, I’ve tried to make sense of this in terms of the “three party system” analysis I presented a few months ago. I saw the Republicans as the “hard neoliberal” party relying on...

May 23, 01:32 AM   /   Balkinization   /   Is Sanders stupid or simply a coward?

May 23, 01:06 AM   /   Balkinization   /   Will the US survive?

May 23, 01:00 AM   /   Legal History Blog   /   On Federalism (Tani, States of Dependency, Post 4)

May 23, 12:57 AM   /   Patent Docs   /   In re TLI Communications LLC Patent Litigation (Fed. Cir. 2016)

By Michael Borella -- This case is notable mainly because it is the first Federal Circuit decision to distinguish itself from Enfish LLC v. Microsoft Corp., and also because it is another reminder that the wall between patentable subject matter, obviousness, and written description is now rubble....

May 23, 12:25 AM   /   Patent Docs   /   Conference & CLE Calendar

May 24-26, 2016 - EU Pharmaceutical Law Forum (Informa Life Sciences) - Brussels, Belgium May 25, 2016 - "Life Science and Section 101: USPTO New Examiner Guidelines" (Intellectual Property Owners Association) - 2:00 to 3:00 pm (ET) May 26, 2016 - "Challenging Pending Patent Applications: When, W...

May 22, 11:18 PM   /   How Appealing   /   Yesterday, Justice Don R. Willett delivered the commencement address at the Texas Tech University School of Law

Yesterday, Justice Don R. Willett delivered the commencement address at the Texas Tech University School of Law : You can view the video on YouTube at this link .

May 22, 10:52 PM   /   How Appealing   /   "The End of the Open Market for Lethal-Injection Drugs"

"The End of the Open Market for Lethal-Injection Drugs": Lincoln Caplan has this post online at The New Yorker.


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